Best Dating quotes

dating quotes

Dating 1-2

“One good thing about internet dating: you are guaranteed to meet someone.” –Mongo

“The hour feels like a second when you’re hugging a good girl. When you’re sitting on a red-hot cinder, it feels like a second. It’s relativity.” – Albert Einstein


Dating 3-4

Life is short. Be fast to love! Hurry to be kind! – Henry F. Amil

“You finish me.” – Tom Cruise, Jerry Maguire


dating quotes

Dating 5-6

“When you realize that you want to spend your life with someone, you want to start the rest of your life as soon as possible.” – Billy Crystal, Harry Met Sally

“Make a list of the spouse’s attributes you want to marry. Then make a list of qualities that you want to attract that kind of person. Then throw the first list and work on the second. Look for the right one – be right!”


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Dating 7-8

People are lonely because walls are built instead of bridges.

Each friend represents the world within us, a world that is not born until they arrive, a new world through which they emerge.


Dating 9-10

“But soft! What light is through the break of the yonder window? It’s the east and the sun of Juliet.” —— Romeo, William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

“When a guy goes on a date he wonders if he’s lucky. A woman already knows.” – Frederick Ryder

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