Difference between wifi and Lifi

difference between wifi and lifi
1.DefinitionWIFI is wireless communication technology which utilizes routers to transmits the data over the network.LIFI is wireless communication technology which utilizes light(which means LED bulbs) to transmits the data over the network.
2.Full formWIFI stands for Wireless FidelityLIFI stands for Light Fidelity
3.AdvantagesMore interference, cannot pass through seawater, works in less dense regionsLess interference, can pass through salty sea water, works in dense region
4.ApplicationsUsed for internet browsing through WiFi hotspotsUsed in airlines, undersea explorations, operation theaters in hospitals, office, home premises and internet browsing
5.Travelling distanceWIFI covers the distance about 32 metersLIFI covers the distance about 10 meters
6.OperationWIFI transmits the data using radio waves with the help of WIFI routersLIFI transmits the data using light sources like LED bulbs
7.SecurityWiFi is less secure because the signal cannot be blocked by walls which means signals can passes through the walls.LIFI is more secure compare to wifi because light cannot pass through the walls.

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Working nature of WIFI


Working nature of LIFI

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