Is time traveling is possible

time travel

Before we going to discuss we should know what is time travel? and what is what machine? Time travel is the concept of movement between certain points in time, analogous to movement between different points in space by an object or a person, typically using a hypothetical device known as a time machine.

An American CIA agent, Edward Snowden had hacked the highly classified document belongs to NASA and posted it on the internet. The video is all about in 1947, knowing that an alien spaceship has crash-landed at New Mexico, USA American military reached the place. There in that spaceship, they found three aliens alive. They captured those aliens and named EBE 1, EBE 2 and EBE 3. EBE means Extraterrestrial Biological Entities. During an interview with one EBE among them, they asked from where did you come? Alien said .. name of our planet is Earth. And said that they came here crossing thousands of light-years from your future.  Aliens said that they are not the aliens we are also human we evolved from the human in a way how the human evolved from apes. They said we are your evolutionary descendants. Military asked them how did you come from the future to the past. They said for that, we used the Offset spatial divergence technique.

We are going to discuss a few questions on Time Travel:

So, what is the offset spatial divergence technique?

Is time really exits or else an illusion created by our brain?

Will the time is the same for everyone and everywhere?

Can we travel forward and backwards in time?

To know all these Firstly, we should know what is meant by time.

We should know how time runs.

It may be the watch or wall clock which we are seeing. Do you know how was time invented?

In olden days, during the initial stage of railway track construction, the time was measured based on the sun only.Measured at 12 o’clock when the sun positioned exactly on the top of our head. Consider a train moving towards Paris from London, then it would follow the time in London till it reaches Paris. Similarly, the train moving from Paris to London will follow the time in Paris. For example, if these two trains meet in the middle the time in both trains will be different. They called Einstein to clear this confusion. Then taking one standard time connecting the clocks in all other stations through the telegraphic signals and made to follow a standard time this technique is called as the Clock synchronization. This standard time is called as the Greenwich Standard Time. We heard this word many times.

Our next question is “Is the time same everywhere?”

                To test, an experiment was conducted in 1971 based on “space and time theory” proposed by Einstein “Atomic clock “ it means that would show the micro-millisecond accuracy. Taking two atomic clocks placing on the earth and the other in the aeroplane circulated the earth for once sitting in that aeroplane later, comparing both the clocks the in the aeroplane showed billionths of second time more. We can think this is not such a big issue but as the distance increases, it means when compared with another planet at a distance of 1 million light-years from our earth. 1 year here may equal to an hour there on that planet.

                Issac Newton said that time is an arrow and it moves straight in a single direction.

But Einstein said that the time is like a river, he said the time moves fast and slows down as well at someplace with little turns, twists, whirlpools and would also get divided into channels the time will be slow at the place where a strong gravitational field exists that is why time in the atomic clock got slowed down . One single black hole will have the gravitational force thousands of times greater than that of the earth. When the age of you and your friend is 20 years when you get into the spaceship alone, going near the black hole in a year and circulating it once then by the time when you return to the earth, your friend may turn 80 but you will be 21 years old. It means you travelled into the future that is the time travel. So if we want to travel into the future, it is enough if we are able to manipulate the energy of the black hole.

time travel

If we want to travel into our past, we can use the Offset spatial divergence. Our universe always moves forward with the speed 5 lakhs miles per hour. Our universe is like a movie that was already shot all the frames in it are like the reels of film. It means every shot was filmed already. But at that moment only one shot will be playing we call it as the present moment or now moment. So if we want to travel into the past when the universe is moving, calculating the position of that frame in the past and the present frame it means we travelled into the past. For this, we can use warm holes.

The doubt in all our minds is that if we are able to travel in time. Are we able to change either our mistakes in the past or any incidents in the lives of others, right?

We can stop Godse from killing Gandhiji by travelling through time but if you have shot yourself with the gun you might not be here as you, right? Here the controversy is been created.

A parallel universe concept is been created to answer this. To say in a simple way, you can travel into the timeline of others and you can alter their timeline but you cannot alter your timeline. You might have entered into another parallel universe, that it. Stephen Hawking said that the time travel is impossible he said if the time travel is possible in the future then the tourists from the future might have visited us, right? But scientists are saying that if they have such a technology to invest the time machine then they might have also got the technology to move around us being invisible right? And said that is why they are invisible to us.


                We can travel through the time either manipulating the gravity of the black hole or else using the wormhole. But we need huge energy to invest the time machine in order to travel through time. The amount of energy required is equal to the amount of energy produced during the explosion of 5 atom bombs at a time. But at present, as we do not have the proper technology to control so much energy. Still, the time travel is in theory. Definitely in the future let us hope our scientists will invest the time travel at the time when we are still alive to see our past and future with our owns eyes and wish to go through that thrilling experience.   

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