weight loss motivation quotes in 2020

weight loss motivation quotes in 2020

weight loss motivation quotes in 2020 on Oyeen are great for helping to stay on focus while on a weight loss journey! These are some of my favorite motivational quotes.

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“What you have done in the past, it may have made you the person you are today. It will have no effect on what you do in the future.”
“The quality of your fuel determines the quality of your body.”

Weight loss 3-4

“You are out of shape and unhealthy at night, and you are not healthy and healthy overnight – no matter what infomercials tell you.”
“I wake up every day, this is it. There is only one shot in this life and I can enjoy the ride and live it to its fullest and my highest potential or I can mess it up and go back to four hundred pounds.

Weight loss 5-6

“The food is close to its natural state. That’s good for you.”
“You can complain about being fat or you can do something about it. What do you pick?”

weight loss motivation quotes in 2020

Weight loss 7-8

“My ability is now against my ability. Then there is the biggest difference in my life because that probability is what turns” I can’t “into” I can. “
“The more specific your vision, the better your chances of making it a reality.”

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Weight loss 9-10

“The real transformation starts from the inside, not in the bottle or package. The magic is sitting inside you, waiting for it to come out. Transformation is a learning process. It comes from realizing that you control your destiny, and you achieve what you decide you are going to accomplish.”
“Make a decision, and then do something – no matter how small – it is, to achieve what you want.”

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